Funny Man KeithFromUpDaBlock is by far the most entertaining Youtube Comedian (Don’t take that as a diss) But I say that because, that is where I first discovered him. His videos are HILARIOUS!!! If you watch one then you have to watch damn near all of them. What he does take time and skill, just like any other artists.

Raised in Philadelphia and schooled at the famed High School Of Creative and Performing Arts (where Boyz II Men was formed), Keith was a student of hip-hop from the very start. In 1996 Keith became Host and Creative Director of “Urban X-pressions”— a music video program aired in Philly on TV 35 WYBE. Keith calls it “B E T for brothers that don’t have cable.” Keith is a Rapper. Singer. Comedian. Dancer. Host. Actor. Keith has the gift of many talents, but his supreme calling is now clear. Someone is urgently needed to make hip-hop fun again! And Keith From Up Da Block is ready for the challenge. Read More of his Bio Here

When explaining someones work, you never want to get it wrong so I asked him “What do you call what you do? I wanna get it right “..and his response (via @FromUpDaBlock on twitter) “My albums are satires of Modern day Urban/pop culture that include parodies of well known songs, live performances & style is a fusion of comedy, music, filmaking & acting. I call my style “Bugout”..but to simplify you can just call it entertainment or comedy. lol” 

Subscribe to his youtube ( and see if you can name all the thugs in “The Greatest Love Of All” - George Benson, Whitney Houston (Parody)

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Music Monday: CharlieRed


Blues/Hip-Hop duo CharlieRED make their collaborative debut with new EP Religion. The 11-track set comes on the heels of DJBooth-approved single releases “Radiant Child" and "Kansas.” 

Frontman Rocki Evans, a Houston singer/songwriter, is the sole vocalist on the project, and all production comes courtesy of beatsmith/musician Cobaine Ivory.

*I Cant recall how I ran across CharlieRED but it ended up on Hope Floats Media Im sure from a post I made. The EP Religion is great. I was needing a break from Hardcore Hip Hop/RAP and and now I just pull up the soundcloud and let it play. It is available for download on DJBOOTH.*

Music Monday CharlieRED Blues Hip-Hop Duo Religion Collaboration Houston Songwriter Composer DJBooth

Music Monday Submissions

Now Taking submissions for Artist you think that should be featured on MUSIC MONDAY as well as the HOPE FLOATS MEDIA Facebook page.

Artists can be underground or Indie NOT signed to a major label or HYPED up as the HOTTEST THING OUT…ie (Trinidad James) *No offense cause I like T. James*

Send me their Reverbnation/SoundCloud Link and Twitter Info if they have it

Music Monday Hope Floats Media HFM

Music Monday: Phz-sicks

PHZ-Sicks (pronounced Physics) is a 25-year-old hip hop artist hailing from Woodbridge, Va and a budding artist in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) music scene. PHZ-Sicks strives to produce music that will last for years. The Drexel University graduate describes his music as “a film seen through the eyes of a young black male moving up socially, economically, and artistically in the world.” This is reflected by his music that ranges from songs on relationships, party/feel good tracks to songs about social injustice enveloped in catchy hooks and wordplay.

PHZ-Sicks came on to the scene in 2008 and released his mixtape, “The Feature Presentation.” For two months, he crafted a well put together mixtape of exclusives and songs featuring him with Top 40 songs and songs from the past, present, and future.

The following year, PHZ-Sicks released the conceptual mixtape, “Less Than Zero” which was presented by Hip Hop Update & 9.ine4.our3.hree Clothing which garnered the attention of sites such as 2DopeBoyz,, and DDotOmen.

In 2011, he released his latest project, “The Laws of PHZ-Sicks” sponsored by Hip Hop Update, Philadelphia-based clothing line ANMLHSE, and LA-based hat line Quintin Co. Canda’s Urban Culture and Lifestyle Magazine, Urbanology, stated that with this project, “the Virginia native is determined to make timeless music.”

PHZ-Sicks has had the opportunity to open for established acts such as Maybach Music’s Wale, Roc Nation’s J.Cole, and So So Def’s Dondria and perform at festivals such as Toronto’s North by NorthEast (NXNE) 2012. 

*I have known Kris* for a while. I dont really recall how we ran into each other online, but I have watched him progress as an artist & person. He is one of the few  artists signed or otherwise that thanks me for continuous support. Letters/stickers and most recently I was one of the winners in his most recent Give away. I wish him much more success, and hopefully I can meet him if he is able to make it for the Thunder vs Suns (his Favorite Team).

Good Luck on all your future Endeavors!! 

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