Things I noticed while losing weight

June 6th 2011 33lbs down

  • It feels weird when the the fat pockets on the insides of my legs dont touch.
  • My ass has a little more jiggle.
  • I can put my hand around my wrist with my thumb touching all my fingers except the pinky.
  • I have a little more room on the sides of my bra.
  • I can see the insides of my belly button and the scar
  • I can fit into some of my clothes that I haven’t worn in a couple of years
  • I have extra eyelid skin…well loose skin anyway..

June 23rd 2011 38-41lbs down (its teetering)

  • I have been craving all kinds of everything.
  • I have cheated on Dr. Pepper with Coke
  • Today will be my last day for soda (i promise)
  • My arms and Legs are skinnier (and it looks weird)
  • I plan on starting my liquid diet early like 06/26/11

July 7th 2011

  • The soles of my feet have not been as rough as they normally are.
  • The seat belt fits more comfortably.
  • My tummy is not touching the steering wheel when I drive.
  • Liquid diet starts in two days 07/09/2011
  • I learned to float in the pool, and someday hope to swim ( I have always thought I was to big to float)
  • Crossing my legs is easier.
  • Looking at myself in the mirror is getting easier.

July 17th 2011

  • My pants and panties are falling…
  • My face is slimming down.
  • Migraines have been much stronger.
  • Getting more self/body conscious.

August 8th 2011 

  • I can look down at the scale and see numbers without holding my breast or stomach.
  • The hair growth is has slowed down dramatically.
  • Friends and family have noticed the weight loss.
  • Clothes fit different.
  • I can officially use gym equipment…most have a weight capacity of 350lbs
  • Better overall moods

September 15th 2011 76 lbs down

  • My weight kinda teetered a lil once I got to losing weight and eating regular foods…lbs werent coming off as easy but I was losing inches.
  • Clothes shopping may be in my near future…ITS A MUST!!
  • Fat pockets (thighs) are slowly decreasing
  • its easier to “play” 
  • I dont have a problem with working out…I feel bad if I dont get SOMETHING done. 
  • Growing support among family and friends
  • I am wearing my hair up more…
  • When I look at my neck and face i am like WOW 
  • I have pretty much notice the weight come off from everywhere now
  • OPERATION GR4W started on 09/08/2011 and lost 8lbs my first week…

October 21th 2011 83 lbs down

  • Sitting in chairs that are for normal sized people (like at the doctors office) feel a lot different.
  • The weight is coming off slow. Im Happy with that. (I think).
  • I see it (all over).
  • Old pictures of me make me uneasy.
  • I really need to go shopping.
  • I am getting lazy (in my head).
  • I’m scared to do normal things, that I want to do…I have the mind set of “I’m too heavy, or I’m to big for that” When I haven’t really accepted the fact that I am 83lbs down from where I was last year.

November 28th 2011 90-95 lbs down

  • I want people to take more pictures of me. 
  • I have a genuine smile in most of those pictures
  • Love wearing new clothes
  • Going out isnt so bad…
  • Im eating too fast..and it hurts afterwards so I gotta learn to slow down
  • Everyone is noticing the changes and Im getting great compliments.
  • Imma try to work these rolls down before New Years… WISH ME LUCK!
January 12th, 2012  Teetering in the 100’s (pounds lost)
  • When eating out in a restaurants booths would be the hardest thing to get in and out of. Now I have so much room in between the table and my stomach its unreal and I find myself sitting close on purpose.
  • I went down a shoe size. I didnt think it was possible but that shit happen. a 10 fits my foot comfortably.
  • For the hell of it I hooked my bra on the furthest hooks and it now im confused on why there is even three rows…cause I honestly dont feel a difference…I do need to be re-sized tho.
  • This extra skin on the arms and thighs and stomach are starting to become a problem…
  • My stretch marks are itching like crazy.
  • I need to do some kind of exercises that are working the inner thigh cause these pockets are really annoying to look at and feel. but the more i think about it…they may only go away surgically :{
  • It had been 85 days since my last workout (now its going on two weeks continuous workouts at work on my “lunch”) I felt like a pure bum during that time…I kept putting it off and forgot how lazy i had become…
  • THIS GUT!!! Its not going down like I want it too but that’s probably because ^^^^.
  • My new goal is to Lose 60 lbs before Aug 23rd my 28th birthday. I think I will be able to loose more but I just dont want to set a goal too high..